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Coming Up….

Storyteller and certified Stuntologist Peter Burns will show families how to have endless hours of entertainment with fantastic folk tales, stupendous stunts, brilliant brain teasers, piquant poems, ridiculous riddles and magnificent magic tricks.  In the not so distant past families used creativity and imagination to keep themselves amused.  For twenty years Peter has been collecting and teaching home entertainment traditions.Peter Burns

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Summer Program Kick Off Event

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Be Creative @ Your Library

Complete schedule of events at

Arvin A. Brown Library

this summer


Monday July 20

9 – 11am: Dance & Movement Week  Arvin A. Brown Library presents new stories & crafts every day this week  at the Richford Summer Day Camp



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Butterflies in Your Backyard!


Butterfly JPEG

If you are interested in watching or attracting butterflies, be sure to keep the date Thursday June 18th open to attend our program “45 Varieties of Butterflies in Your Backyard” hosted by Patricia Lambert at the RICHFORD TOWN HALL.   (more…)

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The Vermont Online Library gives you access to genealogical information records in HeritageQuest Database, Wilson Database has biographical information and the Gale consists of many databases covering a wide range of topics; some of the most popular are the Health and Wellness module and the newspaper and magazine article module. This is also a great resource for students.

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