Debra Atherton       Cochair, Secretary

Fiona Lugo                 Co chair

Casey Blaney              Treasurer

Madeline Wetherby

Adele Wolfson



     Agenda May 20, 2019, 6:00PM

                  Agenda Items


Call to order

Agenda – Amendments

Approval of

    Meeting Minutes


Comments from Citizens Present

Approval of

    Librarian’s Report

    Financial Report


Correspondence: NNLM Grant MOA signed


Old Business:

    River Fest  Update

    Quick Claim Deed

    Library Utilities

    Building Maintenance

    Parade Float Flatbed Offer for July 6

    Furnace Installation Update



    Review Strategic Plan

    May – Building inspection with selectboard member

    Policies: Patron Conduct – Sign


 New Business:

       Bookmobile Proposal and MOU

      July Workday at Library

      Conference Update – Adele and Kathleen

      Trustees Responsibilities – Schedule Lara Keenan

      Library Parking

      Trustee sign checks for July

 Other Business:


Next Meeting: Monday, August 19, 2019 at 6pm


                Special Meeting

                  June 10, 2019

                       6:00 PM

                    Agenda Items


Call to order

Agenda – Amendments


Comments from Citizens Present

Old Business:  Schedule for the Riverfest Fundraiser June 22, 2019


Other Business:

Next Meeting: Monday, June 17, 2019 at 6pm

Arvin A. Brown Library

Trustee Meeting


May 20, 2019 6:00 – 7:05

Call to order – 6:00pm

 Agenda – Amendments – Lindsey Wight – Riverfest

Discussion of expectations for Riverfest Food sale.  Expect 80 people – plan on 100.  Food ready at 11:30.  Build your own sandwich.  Bowl of fruit – water to drink.

Approval of minutes

            April minutes – reviewed, corrected mistakes

Madeline moved to accept the corrected april minutes, Adele seconded,  motion passed.

Special Meeting – March 29th – minutes reviewed, corrected.  Adele moved to accept Special Meeting minutes, Madeline seconded.  Motion passed.


Kathleen Ingstrom, Madeline Wetherby, Debbie Atherton, Adele Wolfson

Comments from Citizens

            None Present

Approval of

            Librarian’s Report – done last month April and May

Financial Report – Questions about money spent on programs, money to be reimbirsed.

Items have been balaced for negative numbers, Kathleen will talk to Gina.

Madeline moved to accept April financial report, Adele seconded.  Motion passed.


Received a donation from Neil (Bud) Lovelette

Old Business

            Riverfest – June 22nd;  plan for 100 people; Make your own sandwich;  Turkey, Other meat?, Rolls, Mayo, Mustard, Tomatoes, onions (Adele), lettuce (5), Cheese (2),Cukes (2), Pickles – sweet and dill (sliced), Bowl of Fruit, Large paper plates, Napkins (got), got water.

Quit Claim Dee – no information.

Building Maintenance – front porch, back steps – Bob Peters

Strategic Plan – Info from conference Kathleen and Adele attending.

Building Walk around – May 29th at 3:30 – Sherri?

Policy – Patron Conduct – revised – Revised, Trustees will sign at June meeting.

New Business

Library float for July 6 celebration.  Flatbed wagon with a tractor to pull.  Get suggestions from Emily Fluery, Wendy, Melanie for ideas. Kathleen

Furnace – here this summer – work construction has delayed.

 Other Business


Special Meeting

            June 10, 2019, Library, 6:00 pm

Riverfest Planning

Next Meeting

June 17, 2019, Library, 6:00 pm





Arvin A. Brown

Trustee Meeting                                                                                                                                                                                          Minutes

April 29, 2019                   6:07pm – 7:40 pm

Members Attending: Kathleen Engstrom, Fiona Lugo, Casey Blaney, Adele Wolfson, and Madeline Wetherby

Call to order– 6:07 pm

Agenda- Amendments

Comments from citizens present- none present

Approval of Meetings Minutes-

        March minutes- Reviewed, discussed, made appropriate changes. Adele moved to accept, Madeline seconded. Approved

Approval of

Librarian’s Report

Viewed and discussed. Inter library loans has increased. More people are aware, with the use of Green Mountain Messenger. A nature walk is be set up with Pre-school and Kindergartners of Richford Elementary School. Adele moved to accept librarians report, Madeline seconded. Accepted.

Financial Report

Reviewed and Discussed


        Building Update-New Furnace soon, will be more efficient. Piping will stay the same as it is very costly. Need new windows, also very costly. Porch update to be looked into.

Jason Broughton- Appointed State Librarian

Awarded NNLM All of Us Community Health Engagement Grant of $10,000 to be used for technology upgrades.

Awarded Summer Reading Program Presenter Grant of $200 to be used at Notch Day Camp

Old Business


        Hometown Follies Update $242

Paint with Us – No Sign ups.   Will need to cancel if none by Saturday May 4th

Riverfest – Saturday June 22nd   10:00 – 1:00

Will ask Hannafords, Vista and Missisquoi River Basin for donations.

Need to form a Friends of The Library Group to assist with fundraisers. Reach out to the community. Interest sign up at library desk.


Strategic Plan

        Last 2007-2015 Read and Review. Needs to be updated with all 5 trustee members present.

New Business

        Trustees Conference May 21st Kathleen and Adele to attend.


Patron Conduct Reviewed

Building Inspection

                To be done in May with a select board member and Trustees.

Staff Safety

                Need for inside Cameras, currently only outside cameras. Monitors, Panic Button information to be obtain from IT Don Hill.

Long Term Staffing- Need for double coverage at times especially Wednesday nights.

Other Business:


Next Meeting- Monday May 20th 2019 at 6:00 pm        Library




Arvin A. Brown Library


Trustee Meeting


March 18, 2019            6:08pm – 8:05 pm

Members Attending:  Kathleen Engstrom, Fiona Lugo, Madeline Wetherby, Debbie Atherton, Casey Blaney and Adele Wolfson

Call to order – 6:08

Agenda – Amendments

Comments from citizens present – none present

Approval of Meeting Minutes

   February  minutes – Reviewed, discussed, made appropriate changes.  Casey moved to accept, Madeline seconded. Approved.

Approval of Librarian’s Report

Viewed and discussed.  Open House during April break for teachers and schools to explore all new items in the library, date not set.  Fiona moved to accept librarian’s report, Madeline seconded. Accepted.

Financial Report

Reviewed and discussed.  Ameritrade account discussed, how managed?  Fiona made a motion to accept Feb. financial report.  Madeline seconded. Accepted.



Old Business

  Fundraising letter – ok.  How it was sent.

Old Business

    Job descriptions – change to Personnel Policy – signed by trustees


    Hometown Follies -$211.00.  Cupcakes left over, brownies good.  More variety on Friday.

Suggestions – Popcorn Machine, Varieties of brownies, rice Krispie squares, No bake cookies.

Fundraising ideas – Movies -need to be shown at library;  Paint and sip -morning – coffee and breakfast item. Debbie will check for place (school) and person (Pat Murphy).  Or Goyne watercolor; Concert in the Park,  REC activities – food choices. Cornhole. Silent Auction? Questions

New Trustees – Adele Wolfson –  Fiona moved to accept Adele as a new trustee.  Casey seconded. Accepted. Fiona moved to accept Debbie Atherton to an additional term.  Casey seconded. Accepted. Department of Libraries, line 27, states ‘ one member appointed or elected by the select board.  Discussion.

New Officers  –  will wait until members are more comfortable

New Business

Strategic Plan – last 2007 – 2015.  Need to review – VT Libraries – Trustee Booklet.

Executive Meeting

    Motion to follow up on decisions discussed in executive session.  Fiona moved to follow above statement, Adele seconded. Accepted.

Special Next Meeting

Monday, April 29, 2019 at 6:00 pm  Library





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