Job Opening

The Arvin A. Brown Public Library is seeking candidates for Library
Director. The Library Director is the administrator in charge of all
facets of running the library. The Director is responsible for the
day-to-day library operations; maintains a hospitable, friendly
environment at the library; carries out policies; spends annual
budgeted funds for their designated purposes; provides programming and
material resources to the community; works with the Board of Trustees
; assists with fundraising and grant writing; and reports on these
activities. Dedication to customer service, both to the individual
patron and the entire community is crucial.

Qualifications: A four-year college degree is preferred but not
required. Familiarity with library practices is desirable. While an
MLS is not required, willingness to work towards and complete the
Vermont Certificate of Public Librarianship is required if neither an
MLS or a Certificate is already held.

The Library Director will work approximately 25 hours each week, with
hours split between public representation, front-desk, administration,
and programming. Please submit a cover letter, resume and at least 3
references to

The town of Richford is located in eastern Franklin County on the
Canadian border with a spectacular mountain view in all directions.
The town was once a hub of trade and commerce with the arrival of two
railroad lines. Many homes and buildings still stand in the town that
reflect the wealth of the period.

Visitors to Richford have long enjoyed the recreational activities in
the area including fishing, hunting, biking, skiing, canoe and
kayaking,hiking and snowmobiling. We have one of the most scenic golf
courses in the area, as well as access to the Missisquoi Valley Rail
Trail – a 26-mile trail used for walking, biking and snowmobiling. The
town library is housed between the historic Town Hall and the Post
Office building.

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