Town Report 2017

In 2017 the Richford Community lost a very special resident.  Dean Howarth was a pillar of the Richford Community and long time supporter of the Arvin A. Brown Public Library.  There are many stories about his kindness and love for the people who live here and for the history of the town. Dean had strong links to the library, serving as a trustee, financial advisor, and ardent supporter of everything the library does for the community.  He was one of the trustees who oversaw the purchasing, renovation and opening of the library at its present location. Many of Dean’s friends made donations to the library in his name. The library trustees decided to use those gifts to make digitized copies of the Richford Junior Senior High School yearbooks available online. You can find them in our digital archive on our website. Also in our digital archive you will find all the Richford Journal and Richford Gazette newspapers which we hold on microfilm.  Now all these historical documents can be easily searched and accessed from anywhere.

We continued to partner with the Richford Health Center at their free summer day camp.  For 6 weeks we provide a library program each day and offer a library of books and a shady, quiet spot for reading during the camp day.  We hosted an assortment of special guests including a visit from the Southern Vermont Natural History Museum with live animals, Summer Encore, Modern Times Theater and a hula hooping demonstration.  We offered children’s programs on weekends and during school vacations. We took our “act” on the road and offered programs at the Elementary school as a part of the afterschool program, at the Farmer’s Market, Fall Festival and Trunk or Treat. Programs for adults included backyard composting, the solar eclipse and a Paint & Tea.  This year we hosted an “Elves’ Workshop” at the same time the Richford Fire Dept. hosted their “Breakfast with Santa”, inviting folks to follow a Story Walk over to the library and take part in several activities for all ages. We partnered with other Franklin County Libraries to be a part of “Art Bop” by offering different art classes and live music throughout the day.

We are a meeting place for various groups and activities including a free weekly art class, Summer Humanities Campers, the PTO, Alcoholics Anonymous, DCF meetings, Farmer’s Market planning committee and the Richford Conservation Committee. The Restorative Justice Board meets here monthly. Homeschoolers meet at the library regularly. The library is an active part of Promise Community Early Literacy Grant planning.  So far we have just had meetings, but we look forward to the many new and exciting ways we will be providing materials and services for our community.

Northwest Access Cable TV started a program using the library as a studio location, filming “Richford Tonight” and inviting any resident to come and speak their mind about ideas and vision for the town’s future or to share news of activities around town. You can find the 2 episodes that have been filmed so far on Northwest Access TV’s YouTube channel.  

As always we would like to thank the the Richford Beautification Committee for keeping our grounds so beautiful through all the seasons, including the beautiful wreaths at holiday time. Thanks to the town for the fresh coat of paint.  We have had many compliments on how beautiful the building looks. The town also replaced the porch decking and repaired our sidewalk.

Many of our services are available over the internet. You can download audiobooks to burn to CD or use on your MP3 device. You can also borrow FREE eBooks for your iPad, kindle, Nook or other device. Our library catalog can be searched from home. You can log into your own account and place a hold on the book or books you’d like to borrow. Other useful resources available online are included in the Vermont Online Library. You can get help writing your resume, start your own business, learn to speak a foreign language, read the New York Times (or thousands of other newspapers or magazines), refer to a Chilton’s Car Repair Guide or help your children with their homework. Heritage Quest is a free genealogical database. Universal Class is an educational service providing high quality FREE online courses for patrons interested in the lifelong pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons. There are more than 500 online courses to choose from – all classes come with continuing education credit.

Don’t forget – we have State Park and Historical Site passes and an ECHO Museum pass which will give you free or reduced admission. We are always interested in suggestions for new materials and program topics. Keep up with our latest news and links to the audiobooks and databases at our website Sign up for our newsletter. Find us on Facebook too.

Hours: Monday and Friday 10 – 5, Wednesday 10 – 8, Saturday 9 – 1

Phone: 848-3313 Email:



Circulation 9,019
Online activity (Website, ListenUp, Vermont

Online Library, Digital Archive, HeritageQuest) 7,147
Patron visits 6,133
Average number of patrons per week 118
Registered patron – Adult 984
Registered patron – Child 334
New patrons in 2017 80
Accessions to the Collection 517
ILL Borrowed from other libraries 248
ILL lent to other libraries 232
Average hours of computer users per week 3
Average number of computer users each week 4
Programs offered 79
Total program attendance 1,341
Number of items donated to the book sale 1,600

Adult Audio 220
Adult print material 6,963
Adult Video 1,268
Child Audio 48
Child Print Material 4,530
Child Video 302
Young Adult Print Material 577
Other (Snowshoes, games, puzzles, kits) 38
Magazine Subscriptions – Purchased 30
Magazine Subscriptions – Donated 17

Available through Listen Up Vermont
Downloadable Audio 8,515
Electronic Books 4,658



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