Audiobook Comparison

Features of each product

(thanks to the staff of the Dorothy Ailling Memorial Library for putting this together)

OverDrive One-Click Audio Other Information
Video Demonstration Click Me! Click Me! We strongly suggest reading the instructions or watching the video walk-thru before using either product.
Software Used For PC’s: OverDrive Console for Windows and Windows Media Console version 9 or higherFor Mac: OverDrive Console for Mac and iTunes Media Center or manual download for Windows computers.Mac computers must use the manual download. The initial install of Media Center may take time to complete as it verifies that the computer is up to date. Future use, once installed, will be much faster!The Windows Media Console must have security updates installed to work properly with OverDrive.
Titles Available 1,000+ 2,000+
Plays on? CD, MP3, WMA players MP3, WMA players Varies by title. Check title to verify that it will work on your computer (PC/Mac) and on your media player.Verify media player is on the approved lists (on websites).

One-Click Audio’s may not be copied to CD.

Availability Some titles always available. Hold lists used All titles always available When a title on OverDrive becomes available it will send an email. The title must be checked out within 3 days of receiving the email.
Check out period 7 or 14 days, renewal allowed if no wait-list 21 days, renewal allowed Titles may not be checked back in on either program.
Expiration Audio will not expire on player or CD once they are transferred. They will expire on the computer. Will expire on computer and player after 21 days unless renewed.
Concurrent checkouts 2 10
iPod Compatible? All are compatible when used with the OverDrive Console version 3.2 or newer on a PC. Only titles listed as being MP3 will work on iPods. iTunes v 9.0.2 or newer must be installed to use either option.
Help! Please review this help section Please login and review this help section

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